Custom Fitness! Our Favorite Full-Body Isometric Workout Routine

Custom Fitness! Our Favorite Full-Body Isometric Workout Routine

If you’re ready for the next level of fitness, a full-body isometric workout routine is the way to go. With an intense workout that hits all the right spots, you can get one of the most powerful workouts of your life in just a couple of minutes. All you need is an Activ5 and the motivation to give it your all.

Ready? Let’s get you a targeted workout from head to toe.

How Do I Create a Custom Workout with My Activ5?

  1. Click on an individual exercise
  2. Tap on the star on the right hand corner
  3. Go back and click the ‘Favorites’ icon in the main bottom menu
  4. Select the ‘Exercises’ tab
  5. Voilá, your own full-body isometric workout routine!

1. Warming Up

Let’s organize your full-body isometric workout routine by intensity, starting with this awesome yoga workout that improves your balance.

Warrior 2

  • In a standing position, hold the Activ5 in a prayer position
  • With your feet wider than shoulder width apart, step your right leg forward
  • Your right toes should be pointed to the side
  • Your right leg should be in the same plane as your left leg
  • Bend your right knee at 90°, with your knee over your ankle
  • Squeeze your thigh muscles as you press the Activ5
  • Switch sides, and repeat

2. Ramping Up

To kick it up a notch, let’s move onto an exercise that’s a lot harder than it looks.

Woman squatting while pressing down on Activ5 device.

Squat Crush

  • Place Activ5 under your right heel
  • Slowly squat down like you’re about to sit on a chair
  • Keep your knees over your ankles
  • Plant your left heel on the ground
  • Press your right heel into the Activ5 as you squeeze your glutes
  • Switch sides, and repeat

3. Peak

For the most intense part of your workout, take it slow. You’re still halfway through your full-body isometric workout routine!

Woman performing plank while pressing down on Activ5

Tuck Crush

  • Start on your hands and knees
  • Place the Activ5 under your right palm
  • Straighten your legs, keeping them hip-distance apart
  • Tuck your right knee so that it’s touching your right elbow
  • Pressing down on your device, squeeze your core and legs
  • Switch sides, and repeat

Man performing plank while pressing down on Activ5 with both palms crossed.

Plank Crush

  • Start on your elbows and knees
  • Keep the Activ5 in front of you
  • Put your left palm on top of the device, and your right palm on top of your left
  • Plank with your legs hip-distance apart
  • Switch sides, and repeat

4. Cool Down

No matter how low-impact it is, every single training session should have a cooldown. So wind down your workout with this exercise that’ll stretch your hamstrings and power your arms.

Man performing downward dog while pressing down with Activ5.

Downward Dog

  • Start on your hands and knees
  • Place the Activ5 under your right palm
  • Lift your knees and push your hips back and up into the air
  • Squeeze your shoulder and core muscles down as you press the Activ5 into the floor
  • Switch sides, and repeat

Don’t miss out on this fierce full-body isometric workout routine. Get the Activ5 Training App (available on Android and iOS) to make your very own custom workout, now. Don’t have an Activ5 yet? Shop our devices below to join the next evolution of fitness.

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